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A collaboration of the Resilience Alliance and ResNet, the first short course will focus on resilience foundations from theory to practice. Application deadline February 19, 2021.

The annual Resilience Alliance (RA) short course, launching in 2021, is a collaboration of the Resilience Alliance network and ResNet ( In 2021, the course will be taught online by international experts and attended by post-graduate students (Masters and PhD) and post-doctoral researchers from around the world.

The purpose of this exciting one-week course is to draw on the expertise of scholars in the RA network to teach about resilience as conceptualized and studied by RA scholars and to facilitate collaboration among a broader network of students and researchers. A maximum of 30 participants will be accepted to participate in this course, with 10 places reserved for RAYS (Resilience Alliance Young Scholars) and 10 places for ResNet.

2021 THEME: Resilience Foundations from Theory to Practice
The theme for this first RA short course will be "Resilience Foundations from Theory to Practice". Key concepts including panarchy and the adaptive cycle, scale and system dynamics, social-ecological systems, and resilience assessment will be explored from their roots through to current advances and applications. The evolution of these concepts and key papers will be presented by researchers who have played a role in their development. In collaborative groups, participants will apply resilience concepts to case studies with the goal of developing manuscript drafts and contributing to a library of cases.

The five-day immersive course will take place using a variety of online platforms. The format will include a combination of lectures, group discussions, collaboration space, and both online and offline activities. Participants will meet with instructors in plenary and in small groups for two 90-minute sessions between the hours of 11:00am - 2:00pm EST each day.

Allyson Quinlan (Convener) - Resilience Alliance, Canada
Craig Allen - University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
Elena Bennett - McGill University, Canada
Reinette Biggs - University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
Lance Gunderson - Emory University, USA
Jennifer Hodbod - Michigan State University, USA
Garry Peterson - Stockholm Resilience Center, Sweden
Anne Salomon - Simon Fraser University, Canada
Michael Schoon - Arizona State University, USA

Post-graduate students (Masters and PhD) and early-career researchers are invited to apply by submitting the following two documents to before February 19, 2021.

A letter (1 page max.) that describes your research activities related to resilience and social-ecological systems and your motivation for participating in this course. Please indicate in your letter if you are a member of the RA or ResNet networks.
A copy of your CV (2 pages max.)

The Resilience Alliance recognizes that diversity is central to strong and innovative teams. We therefore invite applicants to include in their letter of application a brief (1 paragraph) diversity and inclusion statement.

There is no fee to apply. Students accepted for the course will be required to pay a registration fee of $125 USD. A limited number of grants are available to qualifying students who are unable to fund their attendance. Please indicate if you need a grant in your application letter.


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