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Identifying pathways to reduce discrepancies between desired and provided ecosystem services
May 26, 2020
McGill University researcher Dalal Hanna, along with her co-authors, present a case study from the Outaouais region of Qu├ębec, Canada.
Don't Waste the Covid-19 Crisis: Reflections on Resilience & the Commons Revealed by Covid-19
Apr 15, 2020
A continuing webinar series organized by Marco Janssen, Marty Anderies, and Mike Schoon launches Monday April 20.
Coerced regimes: management challenges in the Anthropocene
Apr 03, 2020
In the latest issue of Ecology & Society David Angeler and colleagues introduce the term 'coerced regimes' to describe systems propped up by management inputs.
Scenarios of Good Athropocenes in southern Africa
Mar 27, 2020
Researchers from South Africa including RA member Oonsie Biggs, collaborated with others to develop a set of positive visions for the future of southern Africa based on existing initiatives called "seeds".
Exploring non-linear transition pathways in social-ecological systems
Mar 20, 2020
RA Members Jennifer Hodbod and Michael Schoon are co-authors on a new study that explores tipping point dynamics.
C.S. 'Buzz' Holling Memorial Fund
Dec 06, 2019
In memory of Buzz Holling, the Resilience Alliance has established a fund to support the participation of Resilience Alliance Young Scholars (RAYS) in research network activities.
Which methods to use for social-ecological systems (SES) research?
Dec 05, 2019
A recently published review by De Vos, Biggs & Preiser identifies 311 methods grouped into 27 categories that are commonly used in SES research.
Measuring resilience in a Pacific herring social-ecological system
Sep 26, 2019
New: VIDEO ABSTRACT describes a paper from Anne Salomon and colleagues that advances a method to quantify resilience based on theoretical principles.
The Passing of a Polymath; in memory of Buzz Holling
Aug 23, 2019
C.S. 'Buzz' Holling passed away on August 16 2019. He lived a remarkable life of creativity, discovery, scholarship and service to humanity.
McGill University Ph.D. student Marianne Falardeau's short film documents future scenarios in the Arctic
Apr 25, 2019
Filmed in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, "Hivunikhavut - Our Future" shows how participatory scenarios developed with local residents can be used to explore future change.
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