Announcements > GSMA Formative Evaluation - Strengthening Climate Action through Digitalisation - consultancy

The GSMA's Mobile for Development team (M4D) seeks a firm to identify and recommend programme adjustments, enhance programme implementation, and optimise programme outcomes for M4D. More specifically, it is expected that this work should encompass research and evaluation in an iterative process to understand:
• In what ways digital solutions can expect to contribute to climate action - including mitigation, adaptation and resilience.
• The totality of M4D's climate portfolio, and the extent to which M4D's climate work has contributed to climate action or would have the potential to, in the future, with different programme design models.

The GSMA seeks a firm with research and evaluation capacity to conduct both in-country fieldwork in Africa and Asia as well as multilingual telephone surveys and / or interviews, to conduct an evaluation of a sample of grantees and ecosystem stakeholders in Africa and Asia. The supplier will conduct fieldwork in two countries (locations to be confirmed during the inception phase of the evaluation).