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A perspective paper in E&S and Post Resilience 2014 website that collects conference outputs in one place continues the discussion on resilience and development.

Close to 1000 delegates attended the 2014 Resilience conference in Montpellier France and more than 600 presentations were delivered. Making the most of this opportunity, conference organizers conducted a comprehensive analysis of the archived material post-conference and synthesized their findings in a perspective paper recently published in Ecology & Society.

"Resilience and development: mobilizing for transformation" seeks to extend the dialogue on the intersecting perspectives of resilience and development. As the authors state in its introduction "The objective of this analysis is not to propose an integrated framework but rather to highlight the main research questions put forward during the conference and how they are approached and formulated from the different perspectives." Readers are encouraged to submit a response to the paper, using the journal's response feature and also to continue the conversation on resilience and development at the upcoming resilience conference in Stockholm 2017.

A new website designed to collect and share outputs from Resilience 2014 also offers an opportunity to comment directly on the perspective paper in E&S as well as to collect and share outputs and outcomes from the conference sessions (links to papers, blog posts, videos, projects, etc.).


Full citation:

Bousquet, F., A. Botta, L. Alinovi, O. Barreteau, D. Bossio, K. Brown, P. Caron, M. D'Errico, F. DeClerck, H. Dessard, E. Enfors Kautsky, C. Fabricius, C. Folke, L. Fortmann, B. Hubert, D. Magda, R. Mathevet, R. B. Norgaard, A. Quinlan, and C. Staver. 2016. Resilience and development: mobilizing for transformation. Ecology and Society 21(3):40.