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Craig Allen
RA Member  
Photo Karina Benessaiah
University of Guelph, Canada
RA Member adaptation, transformations, social-ecological, crisis, livelihoods, agency, human wellbeing, ecosystem services, teleconnections, governance  
Photo Elena Bennett
McGill University, Canada
RA Member ecosystem services, social-ecological systems, multifunctional landscapes, historical ecology, ecosystem ecology, landscape ecology  
Photo Marta Berbés-Blázquez
University of Waterloo, Canada
RA Member Environmental justice, transformation, urban futures, human wellbeing, ecosystem services  
Photo Oonsie Biggs
Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden
RA Member  
Photo Rafael Cavalcanti Lembi
Michigan State University, Brazil
RA Young Scholar Social-ecological systems, resilience, ecosystem services, scenarios  
Photo Marianne Falardeau
Université Laval, Canada
RA Young Scholar Arctic, Marine ecology, Fisheries, Impacts of climate change, Ecosystem services, Ecosystem approaches to health, Social-ecological systems, Resilience  
Photo Elson Ian Nyl Galang
McGill University, Philippines
RA Young Scholar participatory, ecosystem services, agroforestry, sustainability science, scenarios  
Line Gordon
Stockholm Resilience Center, Sweden
RA Member  
Photo Clara Graucob
Michigan State University, United States
RA Young Scholar  
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