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Ph. D. Candidate, McGill University

Marianne Falardeau is doing a Ph. D. research on the Arctic social-ecological system in the Department of Natural Resource Sciences at McGill University under the supervision of professor Elena Bennett. She did her M. Sc. degree with professor Louis Fortier at Laval University, studying the impacts of climate-related invasions of boreal fish species on the Arctic marine ecosystem.

After her M. Sc., Marianne worked as a research professional for Takuvik International Joint Program at the base Dumont d'Urville in Antarctica as part of a study on the Antarctica marine food web. She also worked for ArcticNet as a research professional on a project about the impacts of climate change on the Arctic marine ecosystem.

Building on her background in polar research, she developed an interdisciplinary Ph. D. research to study complex Arctic social-ecological dynamics. The Arctic marine ecosystem provides key ecosystem services to Inuit people that are central to their ways of living and wellbeing. To help improve the resilience of Arctic communities to climate change, it is crucial to capture how ecological impacts translate into socio-cultural and economic impacts, and also how they interact with existing issues such as the loss of cultural ties and traditional knowledge due to modernization. In her Ph. D. research, Marianne uses mixed methods to assess the importance of Arctic ecosystem services to Inuit people, and how climate change alters the unique social-ecological connections between Inuit and the marine environment. Marianne works in close collaboration with Inuit people at every step of her research through community-participatory approaches.

Key research Interests: Ecosystem services, Social-ecological systems, Resilience, The Arctic, Marine ecology, Food webs, Fisheries, Impacts of climate change

Member Since: 2016