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Researcher, Stockholm Resilience Centre

I am a researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre of Stockholm University, working in the Planetary Boundaries Research Network (

My main research theme is to investigate the dynamics that underlie planetary boundary processes. For this I analyse the interactions between different environmental processes as well as the feedbacks between society and the environment. Using specific case studies I map and model the societal and environmental players that support given sets of ecosystem services, to determine the 'safe and just operating space' of earth sub-systems.

I holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University (Netherlands). The subject of my doctoral research was Lake Victoria's complex socio-ecological system, and research involved fieldwork, interdisciplinary collaborations, and computer modelling of the system's dynamics.

I have a background in ecological modelling, resilience thinking, theoretical ecology, socio-ecological systems and time series analysis.

Key research Interests: socio-ecological systems, resilience, development, sustainability, ecological modelling, time series analysis, theoretical ecology

Skype: aeadowning

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