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Postdoctoral researcher, Stockholm Resilience Centre

My research focuses on the interlinked social, economic and ecological challenges that shape the new global ocean context. My work involves inter- and transdisciplinary approaches, ranging from indicators for effective coral reef management to the global seafood industry, the role of transnational corporations, and whether there could be entry points for sustainability considerations into financial mechanisms.

I have a background in natural science with a BSc in Biology of Organisms, Populations and Ecosystems from University Paul-Sabatier (France), and an MSc in Ecology from Stockholm University (Sweden). In 2020, I graduated as a joint PhD in Sustainability Science of the Global Economic Dynamics and Biosphere programme at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University.

Key research Interests: Ocean/blue economy, marine social-ecological systems, coral reefs, seafood, transnational corporations, sustainable finance, R software

Member Since: 2016