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PhD student, Stockholm Resilience Centre

I am a joint PhD candidate of the Global Economic Dynamics and Biosphere programme (GEDB) at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University. I have a background in natural science with an undergraduate degree in Biology of Organisms, Populations and Ecosystems from University Paul-Sabatier (France), and a MSc in Ecology from Stockholm University.

I am interested in the interlinked social, economic and ecological challenges that shape the new global ocean context and its resilience in the Anthropocene; ranging from the Hawaiian archipelago and indicators for effective coral reef management, to the seafood industry at a global scale and the role of transnational corporations. I have recently started to also investigate the role of the financial sector and whether there could be entry points for sustainability considerations into seafood financial decisions.

Key research Interests: Marine social-ecological systems, coral reefs, seafood industry, transnational corporations, financial sector, R software

Member Since: 2016