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Doctoral Student, Michigan State University

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Community Sustainability and have beed awarded the C.S. Mott Pre-Doctoral Fellowship and the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research Fellowship. At Michigan State I am also participating in the Ecological Food and Farming Systems Specialization and the Animal Studies Certification. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from St. Olaf College in 2014 and my Master of Arts degree in International Studies from the University of Wyoming in 2016. Currently I am working with Dr. Jennifer Hodbod on a project investigating farmers and ranchers who practice a range of pasture management systems and how this impacts the farmers' resilience. I am interested in using a resilience lens to tackle problems related to wellbeing and sustainable food systems in the United States. Ultimately, I hope to have a career in academia where I can teach and continue conducting research.

Key research Interests: Food Systems, Wellbeing, Resilience, Values, Social-Ecological Systems

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