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Groundwater is under severe depletion around world. How can we keep the resilience of groundwater resource under the threat of climate change? My research aims to understand the spatio-temporal changes of groundwater and its socio-ecological factors and feedbacks, seeking a better way for management. I have the research experiences of chemical assessment, numerical modelling and social studies. Now I am interested in the sustainable groundwater management in the Yellow River Basin in China.

My research is part of my life and has guided my worldview. I wish the world can be more inclusive and eco-friendly. I am passionate about environmental education. With a background of music (I play Chinese zither for 20+ years), I am always eager to find out the creative ways to communicate science to general public.

Key research Interests: Groundwater, Resilience, Social-ecological systems, Adaptive management, Sustainability, Environmental education.

Skype: linrachel_4

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