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Post-doc, University of Bergen

My PhD project is about operationalizing the ecosystem service concept for local decision-making. Using resilience thinking as a guide, I have run a number of workshops with a group of local and regional actors in my study area, the Helge å catchment, southern Sweden.

Using the outputs and insights from the participatory resilience assessment in the Helge å catchment as starting points, I am currently exploring if encouraging sense of place could be a deep leverage point for more sustainable management of production forests in southern Sweden. I am also about to start two case study comparisons, one about how well cases of resilience practice manage to incorporate agency in their analysis and outputs, and the other about the types of knowledge that have been generated in four diffierent processes using futures methods in the Helge å catchment.

In addition to my PhD research, I teach about resilience thinking and resilience practice in the master's programme at Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Key research Interests: resilience thinking, resilience practice, ecosystem services, complexity thinking, learning, sense of place, stewardship, agency, landscape ecology, GIS

Skype: katja.malmborg

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